Friday, October 28, 2016

Does Google read my emails to show me content related ads

Does Google read my emails to show me content related ads

Yes, it obviously does. Gmail is an ad-supported emailing service. Gmail scans and analyzes the email contents of every user. They have automated software for this purpose. The scanning and analyzing is done basically to check the viruses and malwares to provide a great user experience but as it is ad supported, tailored ads pop up according to the email contents of a user

The simple logic is to rev up the advertisement revenue as it doesn’t charge a single buck from its users until they have opted for paid Google accounts. However, this transparency is limited to the service provider only. No advertiser has any right to access a Gmail user’s account without the permission of the account holder. A user can stop seeing the personalized ads by changing the ad settings in Gmail.  

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Security features in Gmail


A great asset needs a strong lock to shine on for long. Gmail benefits you with a range of extremely helpful security features that helps you keep your emails secured and confidential. Say Big NO to the hackers! Here are the top and most beefed up Gmail security features: 

·       Safe Browsing From Google – The internet is an ocean of viruses and malwares nowadays. Gmail helps you save your system from these vulnerable threats by sending you’re a warning and suggesting you go back and browse safely.

·        HTTPS check – Every Gmail user can ensure his personal safety and keep the basic level hackers away by checking the HTTPS option – This will block the external access of your Gmail account in a public network.

·      Grant AccessTurning on the ‘Mark conversation as read when opened by others’ in the Grant access to your account option will help you know about the unwanted activities happening with your account.
·      Forwarding, POP download, and IMAP access – Check all these options for additional safety

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